Web and Application Development

Whether your business is looking to provide information, present their brand to a wider audience or provide a service, our team is here to help you with your digital fingerprint. We know how to make a website great and we would love an opportunity to build the application that will launch your business into a stronger tomorrow. But before we can do that, let's tackle the most common question we get asked at Koloa Designs: "Isn't web development and application development the same thing?"

Web Development vs Application Development

Depending on your project, you might need one or both of these services. The fundamental difference between the two is that web development is more about presenting information. If you want people to know who you are, where to go to meet you and why they should hire you, then you probably need our web development team to get you started. Applications deal with moving parts and changing information. You might need our application development team if you need a blogging or news system on your website, a way for customers to make orders online, or a log in system to give only your employees access to proprietary information.

Some Koloa Designs Case Files:

Web Development

One of our clients approached us with a need. He had built a medical facility overseas and wanted to make it the premiere place for patients to go with special medical needs. His business model was simple: he would partner with doctors who would in turn send their patients to his facility when on vacation. The hardest obstacle when meeting with these doctors was convincing them of the quality of his facility. He needed some way to show them that he could handle any specific needs. We connected him with our web development team who built a website that not only presented what his facility would offer, but also provided a virtual tour. He needed a way to get information to his potential clients and our web development team created that tool.

Application Development

Have you ever experienced the need to streamline your operation by creating an online portal for your customers to do business? One of our clients partnered with our application development team for exactly that. She was paying a very hefty price just to present her merchandise on another website so clients could make an order online. Her goal was to simply shift more profit into her business rather than sharing it with another e-commerce store. When our team was done, customers could view, rate and purchase merchandise straight from her website without having to follow a link to another website and without our client paying any additional fees.

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